UV Light Sanitizer Travel Wand, portable with USB charge (bulk order available)


Convenience: Portable, easy to carry with long or short distance travel. Fits into purse, pocket conveniently.
Recharge: Built-in with 600mAH USB recharge, compact design and light weight.
Effeciency: 10 seconds make odor, 99.9% germs go away. No residue, odor or pollution left. It destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in viruses with light warelength in the range of 240 to 280nm.
Application: Suitable for home, office, school etc…objects to be sanitized including but not limited to phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, toilet covers, pillow cases, clothers etc.
Quality & safefy: Adopted with selected ABS material and advanced led light beads to ensure obious sterilization effect. LED UV lamp lifespan more than 10000+ hours.
Variaty: two colors ( peppermint green or light pink)
Continuous use time: 45 times / 2 minutes each time ( total 90 minutes)
Size (in): 1.48 x 1.48 x 3.86 Height extended 5.55

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Delivery: Domestic retail by U.S.P.S priority mail (2-3 business days); Wholesale by shipping company at buyer’s choice
Direction to use: 1. Turn on the UV sterilizer light, simply sweep the UV light sanitizer wand accross the surface of objects to be sanitized,  2. Hold on light for 10 seconds.
Caution of use: Avoid direct exposure to human body, pets or plants for longer than 10 seconds when it is on.

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Dimensions 1.48 × 1.48 × 3.86 in


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