Sanitizer wipes, 75% alcohol, 10 packs of 10pcs (bulk order available)


Effectiveness: high 75% of alcohol kills germs effectively
Applicability: wide range of usage, suitable for wiping hands, face, skin, surface of objects, suitable for both indoor and outdoor
Portability: store in car, backpack, purse and carry with you anywhere you go or travel with fmaily, friends or outing, party etc.
Material: High quality non woven fiber, pure water and 75% alcohol

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Delivery: Domestic retail by U.S.P.S priority mail with 2-3 business days; wholesale by shipping company at buyer’s choice
Caution of use: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from children, wash it with plenty of water in case gets into eyes accidentally, keep away from fire or heat resources, avoid using to wipe eyes, wounds or any sensitive parts of body.


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