Mountable touch free, foaming sanitzer dispenser, USB charge ,350ml (bulk order available)


Touch-free for optimal hygiene: featuring a built-in infrared motion sensor, this soap dispenser detects the hand instantly and responds within 0.25 seconds to dispense the soap; NO NEED TO touch the pump with dirty hands
Applicatibilty: functioning well with any liquid type of soap or sanitization products
Convenience: see through tank allows monitoring of soap amount left for refill
USB charge: usb charger included. Red light on means in charging, and blue light indicates charging completion. IT takes about 3-4 hours to charge.  Low battery indication when red light on.
Noise free: builtin ultra-quiet motor allows it running quietly and eco-friendly
Mountable: Mount base and 3M powerful adhesive sticker included. Clean the surface, leave it dry out. Attach 3M powerful adhesive stiker, wait for 24 hours before attach the mount base and place the dispenser into the mount base

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Delivery: Domestic retail by U.S.P.S priority mail 2-3 business days; wholesale by shipping company at buyer’s choice
Direction of use: 1. Pour hand sanitizer into the bottle, mis 2-3 times water according to the consistency of the liquid, forbid shakign vigorously, liquid should not be too thick to affect the function of sensor; 2. Do not exceed the highest liquid level; 3. Do not put the dispenser upside down or tilt; 4. Container capacity 350ml, best functioning less than 300ml
Caution: DO NOT put gel or sticky liquid only. It can jam the pipe easily.  Clean the pipe regulary by simply pumping clean water.


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