Hand Sanitizer, 500ml/16.9oz, 75% alcohol kills 99.99% germs (bulk order available)

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  • With 99.99% effective rate: This hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol, and it can prevent the transfer of dirty objects and clean the skin. The kill rate exceeds 99.99%.
  • Large capacity: The household large-capacity hand sanitizer can be packed in a separate container and then stored in a backpack for easy portability.
  • Safety: This hand Sanitizer is a non-irritating refreshing type that can kill dirty objects when it comes to contact! This refreshing formula prevents the spread of dirt and guarantees the safety of your health. This product is eating tested by babies
  • Wash free: With this wash free hand sanitizer, you don’t need to wash your hands at all. You can use it at any time! Even better, it does not leave a sticky or sticky residue.
  • Widely application: This hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for hand hygiene in homes, offices, medical places or travel.
  • Gentle on hands: This hand sanitizer is blended with extract of tea tree leaf oil which made gentle on hands while kill germs.


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Direction to use: Rubber thoroughly over finger and hand surfaces for a period of 30 seconds; complete air drying.

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Weight 16.9 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 7.5 in

11 reviews for Hand Sanitizer, 500ml/16.9oz, 75% alcohol kills 99.99% germs (bulk order available)

  1. Lazyegg

    I bought this product because of 75% alcohol content, which proves to be effective to kill 99% of germs per CDC. This hand sanitizer is also very gentle and provides good moisturizers effect with tea tree leav oil extract.

  2. surfer2020

    What I like about this hand sanitizer is it is scentless and dries quickly. It doesn’t leave my hands sticky or overly dry.

  3. Michelle&T

    Just what I am looking for, very high % of alcohol !!

  4. EdenZ

    I work for hospital, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, at work , there are uncountable time per day , I have to wash hands along with hand sanitizer. I have been exposed to many different hand sanitizer at work . Quite persistently those products leave my poor hands irritated and uncomfortable since some of those products tend to cause dry skin.
    While I first applying Didinia hand sanitizer, I was very pleased and surprised, how smooth and Soothing this products have made my hands felt !! As if I have a sanitizer and a moisturizer to my hands at the same time ! Very satisfied! I truly like recommend this Products to my coworker and all the healthy providers!!

  5. Ann I.

    Love that this leaves no sticky residue, high alcohol content, and dries quickly.
    Also love to help small business owner from Plano!

  6. AnnieBanannie

    We purchased hand sanitizer and cartoon bottle set. The hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol and kills 99% of germs gives every mom peace of mind. This sanitizer doesn’t over dry the hands. I totally feel the difference compared to other similar products. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

  7. KaelinK

    This hand sanitizer does the job! I also have the cartoon bottles and they are perfect to attach to my keys so that when I’m out doing my essential shopping I have easy access to hand sanitizer, and they are cute!

  8. MiKro

    great product, drys quickly, doesn’t dry your hands, no smell and best of all, fits perfectly in my vehicle cup holder so I can instantly sanitize my hands once I return from the public domain. 🙂

  9. Elle.N

    Just received both regular size and mini cartoon bottles. Completely agree with some of reviewers’ comment: no drying out your skin! Great consistency – not too gelatinous and not too watery either! Quality product. Definitely will buy again!

  10. Nicole

    What is great about this product is the 75% of alcohol content that is higher than other similar products on the market. The generous portion of tea tree leaf oil extract makes the product even more unique in the sense of soothing and smoothing effect when it is applied to my hands. This is particularly important to people like me who is Homecare giver who needs to frequently wash hands and applying hand sanitizer. I am very pleased to see that this product does not leave my hands itchy and irritating like many other products may do. Great product!

  11. CoderMiddy

    This has a different feel than the sanitizers we were using. Not runny and easier on the skin. This is our new go-to sanitizer.

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