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for a healthier and better looking future

It is the basic fundamental right of every human to live well and do well. With this mission, Classic Reality LLC provides its customers with authenticated and plant-based material at competitive prices. As we all know, the novel Coronavirus has changed the face of life on our planet, but humanity has not lost hope yet. At Classic Reality LLC, we are fighting at the forefront of this war to help mankind fight the pandemic that has already killed more than a hundred thousand people. Our products and services empower you to stay safe from COVID19 and many such diseases. Discover our Vision Click to Shop



for a healthier and better looking future

Discover our Vision Click to Shop

About Us

The company started its journey in 2016, and since then, it has established itself as the producer of authenticated sanitization and beauty products.

Based in the northeast city of Dallas, Texas, the Classic Reality LLC sells a range of disinfectant and related health and beauty products as well as electronics and home goods for its domestic and commercial customers. Some of our main products include but are not limited to hand sanitizers, sanitizer wipes, alcohol wipes or pads, children’s portable mini cartoon sanitizer bottles, disinfectant gloves, etc.

The company aims at providing people a chance to have a germs-free life, whether at home, in offices, or while traveling.

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  • Hand Sanitizer, 500ml/16.9oz, 75% alcohol kills 99.99% germs (bulk order available)

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Hand Sanitizer, Mini Bottle and more

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